Atlantis A+ Review Perfect Place to Stay

November 9th, 2007 by Mariah

Atlantis House is the MOST PERFECT place to stay…. This was our first vaca in 15 years together alone and it will be the most remember able….. We were there for the end of fantasy fest, Halloween night and beginning of parrot head convention……

We are one of the awesome parrot heads and my hubby found the Atlantis house under bed and breakfasts in Key West and read the reviews and looked at pictures… Wow it’s great to look at the pictures and read the reviews, but things may be different… Not at the Atlantis house…….. Having a room off the beaten path was the greatest thing… You could go out and then come back and relax outside on the side deck area and still be close to your room door…..

I have recommend the Atlantis place to everyone that I have talked to since I have gotten home from vaca….

It’s quiet and relaxing and if you have any questions or wanna chat… Steve and Kayla R the BEST hosts to have…….. I give them a A+++++++++++++++++++++++. Bed and Breakfast Guide is pleased to have the Atlantis House a member of ours!