Bed and Breakfasts Promoting Go Green

January 18th, 2008 by Mariah

Guia at the The Lost Whale Inn
3452 Patricks Point Drive
Trinidad, CA 95570

Topic about “going green” on website.

Hi – I just want to congratulate you on your efforts. We started doing all of our laundry as “gray” water to water our gardens about two years ago. We grow a lot of our own vegetables and herbs, buy organic seeds and don’t use pesticides. Power is still an issue – we spend a lot of money on electricity and propane! But we are trying to look into wind, solar and wave action here on the West Coast. And we use biodegradable cleaners here.


I truly believe that an Inn that you could call eco-friendly has to actually be doing something – not just in an area that promotes beauty or nature….

And I believe that any Inn that is trying to do this – even if it’s just using no pesticides in the garden, is starting on the right path.

Thank you Guia for your thoughts and we look forward to other Innkeepers feedback. Bed and Breakfast Guide