Top 7 American Boardwalks

July 30th, 2008 by Mariah

With summer in full swing, many families are getting ready to take their end of summer vacations before the kids go back to school. Think back to when you were young what memories do you have of your summers? Was it listening to the seagulls, enjoying a Coney dog, and strolling the beach? Going with friends to a carnival with rides and games of chance and skill? The Travel has released their list of Top 7 American Boardwalks. Included in the list are some old favorites and some new places where you might never thought to look for some good old American fun.

7.Santa Cruz, California

Just 75 miles south of San Francisco, the college town of Santa Cruz comes complete with a Surfing Museum and boardwalk. For as little as $1.50, visitors to this stretch of nostalgia can ride the Giant Dipper, one of the last wooden roller coasters. The Beach Boys would be proud.

6.Atlantic City, New Jersey

Being a Jersey girl at heart, this is one of my personal favorites. This Jersey boardwalk remains a landmark where visitors can enjoy more than four miles of amusements. Added bonuses included The Miss America Pageant which is held every September, and for those who dare to test their luck… great casinos.

5.Ocean City, Maryland

One of the more historic boardwalks, Ocean City comes complete with a tiny train that chugs along the three-mile promenade. Also notable is the carousel which actually dates back to 1902! Ocean City has kept its sense of the past, while keeping the attractions fresh.

4.Coney Island, New York

Probably the most famous boardwalk in America, I was very surprised that Coney Island didn’t rate higher up on the list. With rides like the Cyclone, which has been around almost as long as the boardwalk itself it seems, Coney Island still brings in the crowds. Or stop by Nathan’s to taste the legendary Coney dog. Rides still operate Easter Sunday through Memorial Day.

3.Virginia Beach, Virginia

Originally built in 1888, Virginia Beach just completely refurbished its creaky old boardwalk. The new $103-million concrete version was built to help preserve it against inclement weather. It also makes the three mile boardwalk perfect for biking and skating. Some neat things to do while your there is to dine at an open-air cafe or take in a show at one of the three oceanfront stages.

2.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach would defiantly rank as the most high-tech, up to date boardwalk. Almost 20 years ago there were hardly any attractions at all, but since then there has been enormous growth of shops, amusement parks, theaters and restaurants. Myrtle Beach also boasts an aquarium, an IMAX theater and a 2,700-seat musical theater, the Palace.

1.Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Probably the least known on the list, Rehoboth Beach’s mile-long boardwalk is everything a boardwalk should be. Grab a delicious Nic-o-boli Stromboli from Nicola Pizza and head over to Funland, where the rides are still cheap. There’s no better way to spend a summer day.

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