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September 24th, 2008 by Mariah

Stonewall Jackson Inn…Absolutely delightful in every way! My college roommate and I were in Harrisonburg for a college reunion and wanted to stay in a charming location. The Stonewall Jackson Inn exceeded our expectations and Innkeepers Wayne and Debbie could not be more welcoming. Wayne is a fabulous cook and we loved the breakfasts both mornings. The Belle Boyd room was perfect for us with beautiful antique furniture and two marvelously comfortable beds. It was convenient to both James Madison University and the nearby shops and restaurants of downtown Harrisonburg. I would go back in a minute! Bwana Bob’s Hawaiian Vacation Cottages for Couples…We stayed in the Hawaian cottage and absolutly loved it. Susan and Steeve were great hosts, attentive to details and respectful of your privacy. The pictures on the web site are not showing the true beauty and serenity of the place. Our general experience has been great, highly recommended. Tahoe Summit Village…Great place to stay if you don’t mind climbing stairs. We loved the 2 bed, 2 bath condo. One of the bathrooms had a jacuzzi tub and the kitchen was equipped with a slow cooker and utensils needed to make a cozy dinner. The rooms all came equipped with a television set. The only drawback was the stairs. Our condo was at the very top of the building and climbing 100+ stairs in the high altitude was not pretty. You can request to be placed on lower floors. Overall the condo itself was marvelous and the price was excellent. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a little bit of a workout. Black Bear Inn…We stayed at the Black Bear Inn in last weekend and I can say, without a doubt, this was one of the most wonderful experiences we’ve had while travelling. Jerry and Kevin, the innkeepers, have created a beautiful oasis in South Lake Tahoe that, in my opinion, rivals some of the best hotels in this country. The Inn and rooms are furnished with beautiful antiques and everything was spotless. We stayed in the Fallen Leaf room which has a small balcony overlooking the beautifully manicured grounds. The bathroom was large & well equipped. The room had a large television and a DVD player – you can choose from what appears to be over 100 DVD’s from their library to watch during your stay.The evening wine & appetizer hour allowed us to meet the other guests each evening – we looked forward to returning to the Inn each evening simply for the company! It was like coming home to see family (ok, better than family) after a day of sight seeing. The breakfasts each morning are incredibly delicious – served on china with beautiful table linens. I highly recommend buying their cookbook as you will want to recreate these meals at home – they were THAT good.The attention to detail at this Inn is top notch. Every detail has been thought of you and you are made to feel like you are a very special guest. You really do need to experience it first Gabriel’s at the Ashbrooke Inn…As a celebration of my husband and my 60th birthdays, we wanted to take the whole family, including kids, grandkids and dogs to Provincetown, Cape Cod. By chance, we found Gabriel’s online and we stayed there recently for 4 days. It exceeded all our already high expectations. The Inn was so lovely and comfortable and had warmth and charm and every amenity you could possibly imagine. The rooms were beautifully appointed, spacious and had free internet service, flat screen tv’s, multiple head showers, refrigerators, dog bowls, and so much more. The main gathering room was cozy and my daughter commented, as we were watching a late night football game together there, that she felt like she was in one of our own living rooms. The delicious breakfasts were plentiful with a lot of variety. And there were always fresh baked yummy cookies and iced tea and coffee out for anytime snacks. When we went to the beach, we were provided with beach towels, beach chairs and umbrellas. The grandkids were provided with cribs that made it so much easier for my daughter not to have to bring those with her. There was also an extensive library of children’s books and enough dvd’s to satisfy anyone’s taste, not to mention lots of games. The Innkeepers are such lovely women who were available and helpful for all of our needs. They truly made our stay there so memorable and very special. I will never forget our time there and would highly recommend Gabriel’s! Silvia’s Bed and Breakfast…Lovely place and most helpful host.Buckhorn Inn…As a seasoned, international traveler, I can say without reservation, that the Buckhorn Inn provides the ultimate in hospitality. Pristine accommodation in heavenly surroundings, exquisite and spacious grounds, attentive yet unobtrusive staff, and food worthy of any 5 star restaurant. My husband and I have found our retreat. We come here to rejuvenate, knowing that our every need has been anticipated. From the porch with the breathtaking view of the mountain where we sip our pre dinner drinks, to the labyrinth one discovers on the wooded trail, all is ours while we are here. For those who need to venture out, the Buckhorn Inn is close to many natural places of interest. However, if you want everything you could need in one place, The Buckhorn Inn is that place. It is a place of serenity and relaxation that leaves you wanting to return. Which is what we do, often! Julie Hagerty Cashtown Inn…First off…excelent! I felt as if I was back in 1863. You need to go to the Cashtown Inn, you won’t be disappointed. This is what happened to me and my daughter. 5p.m. After our day at Gettysburg, I was standing at the sink getting ready to brush my teeth. We were in the Anderson Suite. as I looked into the mirror I noticed there was blood on my teeth and mouth. I put my hand to my mouth but there was no blood! I looked again and there was blood! I panicked and my daughter came to the bathroom. She looked at me and became alarmed and I told her what was happening. She saw nothing and became concerned because I turned pitch white and could not stop trembling. I again looked into the mirror and for just a split second I saw a face in the mirror and then it was gone. We took dozens of photo’s, I was wearing my Union Civil War uniform with all accourtments. In one photo, I was sitting in a plush chair in the parlor. In this photo you can clearly see a spirit or whatever coming through me. It’s hand is over mine…here’s the thing, it’s hand appears to have been mauled or chopped and you can see boney fingers with bloodied raw flesh. You can also see it’s eye right under mine and a brown bushy mustach. In another photo, I posed next to the pure white gargoyle. In the photo, the gargoyle is looking up at me, it’s eyes, mouth and nose were deep black and there was a deep black slash across it’s forehead. You can also see what appears to be a demonic face next to the gargoyle. I have the photos. I used a digital camera. My daughter took a picture of the same gargoyle with an instamatic camera and the gargoyle was pure white. In another photo in the parlor, you can see a floating apparition over a chair. 10:30 p.m. I was sitting alone on the porch and let me tell you, it was pitch black, you could not see anything. There were footsteps walking all over the porch. I don’t need to tell you, I was terrified! My daughter had a sleepless night. She stated she could not sleep due to the fact that her ankles were continually being grabbed and that the covers were being thrown off of her. And finally, in the morning, I was holding the door that lead to the dinning hall, My wife told me to close the door. As I was proceeding to tell her to be quiet, the door with force slammed shut right out of my hand! Guess we know who’s side the spirit was on! The atmosphere in the old dinning room was as if you stepped back into time and the employees were very friendly. The owners were very polite and friendly and talked with you. When Mr. Palidino saw me sitting in the chair with my uniform on he gave me a double take and started laughing and shook his head. Very nice people. If your into the Civil War as I am, go to the Cashtown Inn, you won’t be disappointed. God willing, we’re going again!

New England Haunted Inns

September 24th, 2008 by Mariah


Colonial House Inn and Restaurant, Yarmouth Port, MA: There are many stories about haunted happenings at this inn. One guest recounted how he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder, and when he looked up he saw a transparent figure of a woman wearing a bonnet. A year or two after that, the same person staying in a different room felt pressure on his back; he saw a shadowy figure, very low to the ground, which quickly vanished from the room.

Birchwood Inn, Lenox, MA: Certifiably haunted, the ghosts here date back to 1800. One guest swears a cat sat on his feet the first night, then it changed into a beautiful female apparition the second night. Few rooms at the inn have gone without ghost sightings. Come try your luck, and bring along some catnip.

Thaddeus Clapp House, Pittsfield, MA: Playwright Peter Bergman encountered the spirit that resides here when he was rehearsing a play in the B&B’s drawing room, where the original owners held “parlor plays” in the 1800s. This friendly spirit is a former member of the Clapp family, doing its best to welcome guests to their beloved home.

Emerson Inn by the Sea, Rockport, MA: Guests have shared photos of shadowy figures in the doorways, and staff tells stories of a dark shadow of a man seen at the left side of the building. Lights have been known to go on and off too; perhaps it’s the spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson, former guest, simply turning off the light after a night of inspiration.

Colonial House Inn and Restaurant, Yarmouth Port, MA: There are many stories about haunted happenings at this inn. One guest recounted how he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder, and when he looked up he saw a transparent figure of a woman wearing a bonnet. A year or two after that, the same person staying in a different room felt pressure on his back; he saw a shadowy figure, very low to the ground, which quickly vanished from the room.

Bar Harbor, ME Coach Stop Inn: The oldest lodging establishment on Mount Desert Island, this former tavern and coach stop is home to Abbe, a spirited little girl who loves music. Strange noises, flickering lights and fleeting reflections may be Abbe singing, or they may be additional spirits.

Greenville Inn, Greenville ME: Last summer, a guest staying in the Carriage House Suite (an original part of the inn) reported in full detail about her encounter with a lovely young female ghost. The guest told of the sounds of the crinoline skirt swishing by, the cool breeze as the ghost passed by and the door she opened. She concluded her story by asking everyone to be kind to this ghost, since she was very sweet and lovely.

Berry Manor Inn, Rockland, ME: When paranormal experts passed this historic inn, they saw three smiling women in the front window with their pinkies in the air. Guests have reported an unusual warm feeling, attributing it to friendly spirits.

Captain Lindsey House, Rockland, ME: Captain Lindsey is still hanging around the Captain Lindsey House, along with 35 other spirits, according to what he told the “spiritologists” on their recent visit to the inn. Included in the band of happy ghosts is the Captain himself, along with T. B. Severence, the 41-year-old who purchased the inn from George Lindsey in 1857; a dominant spirit named Ensign; a 5-year-old named Jeffrey and a 4-year-old named Emmy, both of whom are waiting for their father to come and get them. The majority of the spiritual activity takes place in the parlor, where glasses of water slide across tables, and doors have been known to slam on their own.

LimeRock Inn, Rockland, ME: When experts of the paranormal visited the LimeRock Inn, they felt the presence of many people in the front parlor — vestiges of the patients who once sat in the parlor waiting room, when the inn was home and office to Dr. Lawry, the local physician. A number of giggling phantoms played at the top of the stairs. Many of the presences at the LimeRock Inn gaze longingly out the windows. All are friendly, and it’s clear that happy family members are still hanging out here to welcome guests also in search of friendly spirits.

1794 WATCHTIDE…by the Sea, Searsport, ME: Spirits reside here playing music and pranks on innkeepers and guests. Their presence is gentle, and the innkeepers claim this is the perfect place to sleep with a spirit.

Searsport, ME Carriage House Inn: Stories abound about the ghosts seen in the windows of this 1874 Victorian mansion. An expert on the paranormal verified there are at least two entities living here, both of whom experienced untimely deaths. The resident beagle shuns certain rooms and avoids the haunted staircase where someone died. The sounds of soft whispers, music, knocking, the smell of cigar smoke, and a feeling that “someone walked into my room” are common discussions at the breakfast table. For those who love a good ghoul, plenty of activity is guaranteed here.

Three Chimneys Inn, Durham, NH: Innkeeper Karen Meyer feels she has an “angel on her shoulder.” One night, after a long week, she received a clear message from her guardian angel. The office door was mysteriously locked after a long day, a strange phenomenon since the office can only be locked with a key, and no one with keys had locked it. They had to call the Keys 4 The City service to get in. To emphasize the message, the office computer, which remains on at all times, was also turned off. “Time to go home and relax” was the angelic message.

Sugar Hill Inn, Franconia, NH: One evening, an elderly couple came to visit and then disappeared through a locked door. Shadowy sightings of a male figure have been seen in the kitchen too, where the original owner of the inn passed away. Could he be coming back to check on the inn’s success? We’ll never know.

Harts Location, NH Notchland Inn: A frequently seen apparition is believed to be Nancy Barton, who died on the property in pursuit of her forlorn lover. One guest reported the name “Abigail” was written in the steam on the mirror in their bathroom when no one had taken a shower or bath in that room for several hours. Another guest woke up after an afternoon nap and noticed that someone had brought fresh flowers into the room while he was napping. When he went into the bathroom, he found someone had written “Happy Anniversary” on the mirror in lipstick. He went back into the bedroom, to find the flowers gone. He turned back into the bathroom, and the writing on the mirror had disappeared. Nancy may still be hanging around playing tricks on the men in retribution or could this ghost be Abigail, no one is really sure.

Beal House, Littleton, NH: Slamming doors and late-night stomping up and down stairs allow the haunted dwellers of this inn to make their presence known. Another time, the housekeeper felt a distinct hip check from one side to another, as if someone was pushing her aside. One night, when two guests were sitting in front of the fire enjoying tea, they clearly heard voices. The innkeepers recount stories of seeing a woman beckon from the end of the bed during the night.

Inn at Jackson, Jackson, NH: Jason, once the trusted workman at the inn, committed suicide as a young adult yet returns to check on repairs at the inn. Guests have been awakened by a hammering noise, and the staff has caught glimpses of movement as they check on rooms, primarily on the second and third floor. Jason is a peaceful presence, bringing a smile to the innkeeper’s face as he explains his comings and goings. Jason is not the only ghost; the water mysteriously turns on and off in Room Two, perhaps at the hand of a ghostly old man.

Brass Lantern Inn, Stowe, VT: Inn guests who’ve seen paranormal activity vary the details slightly, but they always hear the noises coming from the same guest room. Some report hearing people arrive late in the night, speaking loudly, and talking about the good time they just had at a party. Yet in all cases, no guests were staying in the guest room or even in a nearby room.

Green Mountain Inn, Stowe, VT: “Boots” Berry, the tap dancing ghost and former local hero, can still be heard dancing on the third floor of the inn during severe winter storms. The son of the inn’s former horseman and chambermaid, Boots was born in Room 302 in 1840, and he grew up in and around the inn. One summer morning when the stagecoach team bolted, Boots bravely stopped a runaway stage, saving the lives of the passengers. Unfortunately, his heroism turned to too many congratulatory drinks, and Boots neglected his duties at the inn. Eventually he was dismissed and ended up in jail where he learned to tap dance, earning his nickname. Eventually, after jail, Boots drifted back to Stowe, shabby and poverty-stricken. At about the same time, a dreadful storm hit the town, and a little girl became stranded on the roof of the inn. Remembering his childhood days, Boots took a secret route to the roof and lowered the girl safely to the ground. Just as she reached safety, Boots slipped and fell to his death from the icy roof. His life had come full circle, for the roof he was standing on when he fell was the roof of Room 302. Want a chance to dance with Boots? Time your next visit with a winter storm and book Room 302.

Golden Stage Inn, Cavendish, VT: The innkeepers have become so familiar with the young friendly spirit who appears dressed in a traveling cloak and a large brimmed hat, that they’ve named him George. He appears often and sometimes plays tricks on the innkeepers. This Halloween, guests are invited to help decorate and come in disguise. Who knows, you might even get a glimpse of George.

How Do You Read User Reviews

September 17th, 2008 by Mariah

Here is an article written in the Washington Post about websites designed just for posting Reviews. I thought it to be very interesting and mentioned a few good points to consider when thinking about leaving a comment. Sincerely, Mariah Morris Bed and Breakfast Guide. “If you’re going someplace where you don’t live and know few people, you’ll have to rely on the opinion of strangers. Simple enough — but which strangers?

This is something I’ve been mulling over since getting back from last week’s vacation. More so than on any earlier trip, I relied on the Web instead of guidebooks for advice on where to stay and eat. And not just when planning our trek to Portland, Ore., and its beach/mountain surroundings, but during it. Between my own smartphone and the review iPhone (not due back to Apple’s PR department for another week), I could look up advice on the go — subject, of course, to the limits of Sprint and AT&T’s networks.

But as anybody who’s lost too many hours to reading over conflicting hotel reviews on TripAdvisor can attest, more information can get in the way of making a decision. Everybody seems to like that cute little bed-and-breakfast in the countryside, but what about the minority of negative reviews that raise specific complaints?”

Any feedback in regards to this would be very much appreciated. Bed and Breakfast Guide


September 11th, 2008 by Mariah

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel community, today announced the results of its hotel survey of more than 2,200 travelers worldwide. Ninety-two percent of respondents said they are planning to stay at a hotel or B&B in the next 12 months. Nineteen percent will stay at a hotel or Bed and Breakfast more than 10 times in the coming year, and 45 percent will stay between 2-4 times in the next 12 months.The Good

When asked what makes a hotel great, 30 percent of respondents said location is the most important factor, while 29 percent cited comfortable beds, and 24 percent said hotel staff/great service. When asked what makes a hotel bed comfortable, 64 percent said it’s the mattress, 11 percent noted the linens, and another 11 percent said it’s the pillows.

The Bad

When asked what ruins a hotel stay, 54 percent said unclean rooms, 14 percent cited noisy hotel guests and 11 percent pointed to poor hotel staff/service.

The Ugly

Sixty-eight percent of travelers have experienced a dirty carpet at a hotel, 64 percent have dealt with non-working appliances, and 59 percent have waited as their room was not ready at check-in. Thirty-eight percent of travelers think the dirtiest part of a hotel is the carpet, 37 percent speculate it’s the bedspread, 11 percent believe it’s the television remote and another 11 percent think it’s the bathroom.

Bummed about Bedbugs

Eighty percent of travelers said they are concerned about bed bugs when visiting a hotel. Eight percent of travelers surveyed said they have experienced bed bugs at a hotel.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

Seventy-eight percent of travelers said hotels are often “as advertised,” 17 percent said they are rarely as advertised. Sixty-six percent of travelers said B&Bs are “as advertised,” 20 percent said they are rarely so.

Hotel Decision Making

Forty-two percent of travelers (46 percent of U.S. respondents) said they typically stay at luxury brand hotels, 31 percent usually stay at economy hotels and 21 percent said their norm is boutique hotels. Six percent most frequently stay at B&Bs.

Thirty-two percent of travelers (37 percent of U.S. respondents) said they are brand loyal when it comes to hotels. When asked what price range they target when searching for hotels, 19 percent said under $300, 27 percent chose less than $200, 28 percent said less than $150, and 16 percent chose less than $100 per night. Two percent said they search for hotels at more than $500 per night. When asked what type of hotel promotion offers the greatest incentive to book, 73 percent of travelers said it is a reduced room rate.

“Your hotel experience can make or break your vacation and we’ve found that travelers don’t ask for much. Cleanliness is the top travel requirement among TripAdvisor members and that doesn’t seem like too much to ask,” said Michele Perry, vice president of global communications for TripAdvisor.

B&B Saxa Rubra in Rome- Italy

September 9th, 2008 by Mariah

The Following Review has just been left for a Bed and Breakfast located in Rome left on Bed and Breakfast Guide. Rome is really a wonderful city and the B&B Saxa Rubra is a special place in Rome. It is the house of the dreams.It seems the house of the fables.My wife and I have had a very beautiful vacation: 7 days to be remembered.We have celebrated our anniversary of marriage and we have chosen the ideal place. We didn’t want a hotel but a house in Rome among the people of this very beautiful and romantic city.The B&B has taken the name from the historical place where it is found.Saxa Rubra is the name given by the Romans to the red tufa rocks which can be seen on Via Flaminia north to Rome. According to some studies the name Saxa Rubra was already mentioned in operas written by Livio, Tacito and Cicerone. It is said that the red colour of the rocks derives from the blood shedded by the soldiers in the battle of Constantin and Massenzio.The station of the subway is alone 40 meters away from the house and in alone 15 minutes it is possible comfortably reaches Piazza del Popolo. This is one of the most important square in Rome and to few footsteps there is Piazza di Spagna and continuing Piazza Venezia.The apartment is very romantic. We will always remember our beautiful evenings in the living room next to the fireplace turned on with a glass of very good red wine.The staff was always kind, careful to our necessities and ready to help us.The room is furnished of bathrobes, towels, hair dryer, liquid soaps for hands, shower, hair.In the room there is a small refrigerator.There is air conditioning in each environment of the house.Believe me… after having walked so much to visit monuments, museums and so many small characteristic streets of the city… it is very pleasant to return home, to find a fresh environment and to relax in the living room, calm with a beautiful glass of good wine and delicious snacks offered by the lovely owner.We will speak of this place to our friends and we hope to be able to return soon.It is remained in our heart.Many thanks for the lovely time !David Mayer

Todays Reviews

September 7th, 2008 by Mariah Bed and Breakfast Guide is very pleased to announce some great Reviews that have been left for many of our members. Below are a few that we would like to present in this post…The following review was added for the Craig Ranch Bed and Breakfast & Horse Motel and Innkeepers John & Beth Craig Date of Stay:8/10/2008Overall Rating:5Comments:GREAT ATMOSPHERE, FRIENDLY HOST, WONDERFUL COOKING!!!!!!!!

The following review was added for Inn:The Baird House Innkeeper(s):Deede & Tom HinsonDate of Stay:August 22 & 23, ‘08Overall Rating:5Comments:Dear Tom & Deede…What a wonderful home you have & to open it up to complete strangers! But eventually we all become friends!! Hope to come back & stay on the front porch longer! Best wishes, Rick and Georgette

The following review was added for Inn #11332:Inn:Kilburnie, the Inn at Craig FarmInnkeeper(s):Johannes TrompE-mail:Anonymous from FLDate of Stay:August 22 2008Overall Rating:5Comments:I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Kilburnie. From the moment we saw it from the road, we sensed we would have a wonderful stay and we weren’t disappointed. The ambience of the house created by not only by its beautiful traditional architecture but also by the painstaking love and flair that has created its restored interior is just so relaxing and welcoming; we felt immediately at home and could have rocked on the porch for many hours. You are a marvelous host and we so enjoyed seeing around the magnificent Craig Farm. Lastly, I should mention the delicious breakfast and the excellent route recommendation; we saw one other car on the 21S – and if I hadn’t know better I would have thought the Romans had built it!!The following review was added for Inn #104828:Inn:Lodgings at Pioneer LaneInnkeeper(s):Alicia MullikenE-mail:AnonymousDate of Stay:August 2008Overall Rating:5Comments:We loved this place! Best kept secret and best value in Door County, hands down! Exquisite large luxurious rooms!

The following review was added for Inn #10873:Inn:Rebel Hill Guest RanchInnkeeper(s):Becky & Guy FranksInn;E-mail:AnonymousDate of Stay:08/18/2008Overall Rating:4Comments:We had a great time. If you love animals, come here.


The following review was added for Inn #104323:Inn:Landmark InnInnkeeper(s):Stephen and Harold HendersonDate of Stay:16 August 2008Overall Rating:5Comments:I very much enjoyed my stay. I was suprised to discover that the owner Mr. Henderson built a new a new hotel across the street. The B&B is lovely, but the new hotel is fantastic. I love boutique hotels and I make a point to stay in them when ever I go on vacation. The new hotel is one of the finest example of boutique hotel I have seen. It is a 4+ star establishment. A lot of attention to detail was paid both in the decor and furnishings. The current price for a room is a bargain at around $130 per night.Treat your self to a stay