Featured Inn Reviews

October 14th, 2008 by Mariah

Bent Creek Lodge: Overall Rating 5 stars…The lodge was beautiful! Wonderful views and delicious food! Enjoyed every bit of it….can’t wait to come back soon! The Hotel Rodney: Overall Rating 5 Stars…My fiance and I recently stayed at Hotel Rodney and we had a wonderful stay. The lobby was very welcoming with rich wood floors and paneling, leather setting and warm lighting. The rooms are clean and cozy. There was even a dock for my ipod. We are definantly coming back next year.The Hawaii’s Hidden Hideaway: Overall Rating 5 Stars…We could not have asked for more of anything. We only wish we had more time to stay here. It was wonderful to have the birds sing in the morning and the beach so close. and the B&B had everything we need and then some. We will return.The Frisco Lodge: Overall Rating 5 Stars…What a great place to stay! Everything was the best..the room, the hot tub, the breakfast and expecially the Managers. Wish we had them working for us in New Mexico at our resort. We will definitely be back! The Baird House: Overall Rating 5 Stars…It is indeed a pleasure to add 2 wonderful friends to our circle. Thank you so very much for a truly wonderful weekend-your house is the perfect mountain getaway. We look forward to making this an annual trip.