Newsletter from The Willows Inn on Lummi Island, Wa.

July 20th, 2010 by Mariah

Newsletter from The Willows Inn on Lummi Island, Wa:

Let’s Celebrate Drydock!!!!

For the next 3 weeks, our car ferry is gone, leaving only a foot ferry to take you back and forth to Lummi Island. Far from an inconvenience, it is a pleasure. The County has provided a van that operates hourly from 6 am to 11am, and 4 pm to 9 pm. When the van is inconvenient, you can call us at 758-2620 and we will shuttle you ourselves. The car ferry will return August 7.

Imagine this for a cheap adventure: Drive out to Gooseberry Point and take the charming 50 passenger foot ferry at 10 or 10:30 AM. Once on the island, hop in the county van waiting at the ferry dock, and arrive at the Willows Inn a few minutes later. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at the Taproot, gather agates on the beach, walk along the road, then board the hourly van back to the ferry. Cost? $4 per person plus lunch. Value? Priceless.

Or take the van from the Willows Inn to the Baker Mountain Trail. Experience the amazing view west over the San Juan Islands, all for free.
Or walk a mile down the road and watch us reefnet fishing for Fraser River sockeye.
How about this for a bonding experience? Pile your bikes in your car, park at Gooseberry Point, and bike onto the foot ferry. Bike the 3.5 miles to the Willows without breaking a sweat (barely a hill), and check in for a life-renewing overnight with dinner. Come early enough to get a massage from Michele or Jeannine, in our dedicated massage room, then sit with a cool drink on the deck overlooking Rosario Strait. Seat for dinner at 7 pm, and watch the sunset, treasuring the long afterglow. There are very few places in the Northwest that can offer you such a spectacular experience, for such an affordable price. With drydock, there is virtually no car traffic, so a leisurely stroll along the road is met with other walkers, and bicyclers, or no one at all.
We serve dinner every night (Mondays and Tuesdays the Taproot runs its own dinner specials, which you can enjoy on the deck upstairs). Wednesday and Thursdays are 3 course prix fixe dinners for $30. Fridays and Saturdays are 5 course prix fixe for $45.

Take a break that doesn’t break your wallet.
Allow yourself to breathe, really breathe, fully and without anxiety.
Willows Inn: affordable luxury