Enjoy A Kidcation at First Farm Inn!

September 9th, 2010 by Mariah

Family Horseback Riding Lessons at First Farm Inn


First Farm Inn offers family horseback rides for riders over the age of 5 and under 225 pounds. Our big Treetops room is ideal for a family of four and a cot can be added to accommodate a fifth child. Horsemanship at First Farm Inn includes learning to think like a horse, groom, saddle, mount and ride. Practice in the riding arena, demonstrate your leadership ability to your horse, then go on to ride up and down the hills and through the woods.


Riding lessons with instructor Jen Warner will increase awareness of how your body works, your balance and posture as well as how horses think and why they do what they do.



A variety of happy, healthy horses give rides at First Farm Inn, just off I-275 at the Petersburg exit. While the Spotted Draft, Appaloosas, Morgan mix, Thoroughbred, and Arab mix have three conventional gaits, a Tennessee Walker and Kentucky Mountain pony demonstrate the running walk and the fox trot. Both English and Western tack is available in a variety of sizes.



Warner has taught for 12 years using the principals of centered riding and safety standards of the Certified Horsemanship Association after riding and training for more than 40 years. She strives to ensure each session is fun for riders while ensuring they are safe and balanced. Lessons integrate classical dressage, Western riding, common sense, and martial arts principles.



Riding is offered year-round. Lessons are rescheduled for weather issues.



For more information, call 859-586-0199.



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