Country Christmas Decorating

November 12th, 2010 by Mariah

Country Christmas Decorating


Add a little country charm to your Christmas decorating this year. Forego the glitz and glam for natural materials, check fabrics and homemade country style. The beauty of this type of decorating is that it doesn’t have to look perfect. The odd crooked stitch or slightly askew angel wing just shows that it is homemade and adds to the charm. Lots of these projects are perfect for children to help with too.

Handmade Cards The easy way to do this is to buy blank cards and add your own decoration or make your own by simply making a sharp crease in thin card. Do this by scoring lightly along a ruler edge with a craft knife on the inside of the card before folding.

Imagine a 3″ square of red and white gingham with frayed or pinked edges stuck on to the card, topped with a little paper or felt heart or star, and a red hand written Happy Christmas underneath. Very easy, Very country, Very, very nice to recive. Or try a scrap of green fabric or felt cut into a triangle shape to suggest a Christmas tree with a gold star on the top, or an embroidered or cross stitched initial or Merry Christmas.

Country Tree Decorations Why not make some simple felt ornaments for the tree? Use cookie cutters, patterns in children’s coloring books or whatever you can find to make a template, then cut out felt hearts, stars, angels, stockings, whatever takes your fancy. Cut two identical pieces out of the felt and one slightly smaller out of wadding/batting to go between the two and give a slightly padded look. Blanket stitch all the way around the edge in a contrasting color and add a ribbon for hanging.

If you are handy with a jig saw cut out hearts and stars from thin wood, then paint and hang with raffia for a homespun look, or even easier make your ornaments from salt dough. Don’t forget to make a hole for hanging before baking in a very low oven or leaving in a very warm place for a few days before painting to match your scheme.

If your baubles don’t fit in with this new look, pick one color and get some textured fabric in a bright red perhaps, and cover them, tying with a bow at the top, or if you want to stick to a natural look try covering your old baubles with calico and tying with raffia.

More Ideas for the Tree Make some imitation or real mini parcels by covering matchboxes with Hessian or gingham and tie with a bow.

Use natural or painted wooden beads, or strings of cranberries or popcorn to drape the tree instead of tinsel.

Paint and wire on pine cones or real red glossy apples.

Tie on bundles of cinnamon sticks for a fabulous fragrance.

Push cloves into oranges to make aromatic pomanders to place in bowls or hang from the tree. Make the holes with a nail or small skewer first to make it easier and much quicker. You don’t have to cover the whole orange, I usually start by tying on a narrow ribbon and then arrange the cloves in lines two or three deep around the orange in whatever design takes my fancy.

A batch of gingerbread men probably wouldn’t last until Christmas Day but they would look great for as long as you could keep little (or big!) hands off them!

Table Toppers There is a trend towards using a runner down the middle of the table to take your decorations and candles. This an ideal spot to add a country air with a red or plaid runner, bowls and platters piled high with fruit and mince pies, and red or cream candles swirled with ivy. You can then use plain red place mats underneath your plates, with a napkin on top of the plate and on top of the napkin the cutlery for that place setting tied together with a narrow check or tartan ribbon and slightly fanned out on the napkin. Add natural pine cones holding hand written name place cards.

Dress up your dining chairs with simple chair back covers, just a hemmed runner of fabric to drape over the front and back of the dining chair secured at the sides with ribbon ties. These are perfect for decorating with ribbons, flowers and fresh foliage on Christmas Day.

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