Winter Day 1 and 5 Snow Emergencies in Minneapolis

December 22nd, 2010 by Mariah

MINNEAPOLIS – At 5:38 p.m. today the first official day of winter begins, and the city of Minneapolis is still digging out after a record fifth snow emergency was called — a pre-Christmas record.


The city is just one snow emergency away from the entire season record of six. That benchmark was made in 2000-2001. The city had originally budgeted for one snow emergency in the month of December.


The Minnepolis-St. Paul metro has recieved more than 28 inches of snow in the month of December, the third snowiest on record. Just four more inches would break an accumulation record.


Minneapolis Public Works reminds residents that neighborhood sidewalks and corner snowbanks need to be cleared as best they can, and as quickly as possible. Uncleared sidewalks can slow emergency responders as well as trap wheelchair-bound residents.


Reminders for Shoveling Sidewalks, Corners, Etc. • Join together with neighbors and shovel out corners and alley approaches. • Make sure to clear a path three feet wide from your garbage cart and recycling bin to the alley or street. Also make sure your cart and bin can be moved freely. • Shovel out the fire hydrant on your block.


Snow removal crews have been on the roads around the clock since Monday, working to clear the city’s 1,500 miles of streets and alleys. Plows were out working on Snow Emergency routes overnight and are plowing the EVEN SIDE of non-Snow Emergency routes today. Comprehensive alley plowing started last night at 10 p.m. and should be completed by approximately noon.