Anthony Bourdain

November 22nd, 2011 by Mariah

If the décor at your local mall hasn’t given it away, the long lines at the airport certainly will. Yes, the holiday season is upon us.

Thankfully “No Reservations’” Anthony Bourdain, who has spent a fair amount of time with the TSA, is willing to share his airport strategy:

“I’m very good at going through security,” he said. “I don’t get cranky. I’m ready for the worst. I always wear a particular set of shoes. By the time I’m even near the machine I’ve got my belt off, my wristwatch in my pocket. I’m not approaching that thing with any liquids or gels. I’ve got my [expletive] together. I don’t want to be that guy.”

And the advice doesn’t stop there. Having taken viewers around the globe with “No Reservations” since 2005, Bourdain says he’s finally giving fans something they can use.

The new Travel Channel show “The Layover” follows Bourdain through some of the major hubs a traveler might touch down in during a layover.

“Unlike ‘No Reservations,’ it is our hope that this will be actually useful,” Bourdain said. “‘No Reservations’ is all about me, me, me … and less about whether anyone in the audience will be able to replicate the experience.”

“It’s not about the museums or the Eiffel Tower or the major sightseeing spots,” he added. “We assume that you know about those things already.”

Instead, “The Layover” features local joints that make each major city unique.

And with only 24 to 48 hours to spend, Bourdain’s got you covered.

“I hate the idea of changing planes in Hong Kong and not running in to town and grabbing some roast goose,” says Bourdain, noting that he deliberately plans layovers when he travels.

“The Layover” premieres today at 9 p.m. ET.