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Jumpstart Your Fall Decorating!

August 19th, 2010 by Mariah

To keep with the Fall spirit that will quickly be upon us, below is a fabulous article from that will help get you inspired for Fall decorating no matter where your Inn is located!

Fall: my favorite season! Admittedly, autumn here in Florida lacks the spectacular foliage and delightfully chilly air enjoyed by those in northern states. This makes me rely all the more on décor to evoke that Fall atmosphere in September. Okay, so Fall does not officially arrive until September 22, but I’m so ready now!

Now, don’t spend big bucks decorating for fall. It’s really not necessary, and I also think it goes against the spirit of the season a little bit. Isn’t autumn a time for celebrating the simple abundance of nature, above all else? With that in mind, let’s take a look at budget-friendly ways to gussy up your house and yard for Fall.

First up: do buy at least one largish pumpkin. For a $10 or $15 investment you’ll get weeks of big-time Fall attitude for your front porch.

Second, if you can spare a few more bucks, buy a bunch of Indian corn. You can hang it indoors or out and, unlike pumpkins, Indian corn lasts for year after year. Just be sure to store it in a zip-lock bag the rest of the year to keep the bugs away.

Third, if you have any cash leftover, do buy a handful of tiny mini pumpkins or gourds. They look so delightful clustered together for a dining table or coffee table centerpiece. Potted mums are nice, too, and only cost a few dollars each.

Okay, but that’s it! The rest of my suggestions are free or require just a dollar or two down.

Nature’s Leftovers. When you’re walking in the woods or your yard over the next few weeks, bring a tote bag. Use it collect leaves, pine cones, acorns, seed pods and anything else that catches your eye.

Use these items to decorate your home. They look great piled in bowls or large canning jars, or scattered on bookshelves. Really special large leaves pop even more if you rub them with moisturizer ’till they shine. You can also experiment with spray painting leaves or other objects with silver or gold paint.

Wrap large leaves around a jar, empty can or vase, and tie with raffia. Use the container as a pen or kitchen utensil holder for the season.

Dried grains and fruits look beautiful, too. For example, fill a glass jar with wheat or cracked corn and nestle a candle inside. Or pour cranberries inside an old wineglass and add a red votive candle.

Autumn Leaf Candle. Take a large pillar candle and blow dry it with a hair dryer until the wax is softened. Next, gently press some autumn leave into the sides. Instant autumnal flair!

Fall Terra Cotta Pots. Bring some terra cotta pots indoors and trim off the faded foliage of summer annuals. Spread moss on the surface of the soil and top with tiny pumpkins, gourds or apples. For extra fun, hollow out these objects and place votive candles inside.

Pumpkin vase. Carefully hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a flower vase. Yes, it is waterproof so you can add water, or just use it to hold a bunch of dried flowers.

Budget-friendly Wreaths. Buy a cheap straw wreath at a craft store and embellish it with pine cones, leaves and other found objects. Use twist ties or a glue gun to attach these odds and ends.

Picture Frame Wreath. For zero dollars down, use an old picture frame, sans glass and backing board, for your wreath. Oval, rectangle or square: it doesn’t matter which. Just decorate it with ribbon, leaves and whatever else catches your eye.

Now for the front yard! Ask for free or cheap corn stalks at your local farmers market or roadside stalls. Corn stalks look very pretty tied in bunches on a front porch.

Old-timey Scarecrow. When did scarecrows go from being made from scratch to being “Made in China”? Reclaim an old family tradition and create a homemade scarecrow this year. Use old clothes stuffed with newspaper and an old pillowcase for the face. Finish it off by tucking raffia or straw around the cuffs and pockets.

More Uses for Leaves. Instead of bagging and trashing your yard’s autumnal leaf deposit, add them to your compost or leaf mulch pile. Leftovers can be used in an easy display for your front yard. Just arrange baskets or a wheelbarrow full of leaves in your front yard near the street.

Shop for bargains. Sometimes the décor you really want must be purchased. Maybe you don’t have the time or inclination to make everything yourself. I understand! So, you must learn to bargain shop. Right after Halloween and again after Thanksgiving, go shopping for Fall items on clearance. Stash your finds for next year. Come next September, you’ll be so glad you did!


July 6th, 2010 by Mariah

Here are the latest reviews to be posted to We are proud to have such great properties apart of our online community!

The Hamilton Turner Inn
“A Bed & Breakfast Inn”
330 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA. 31401

Rated: 5.0
this place is magnificent with great scenery and a luxurious stay!
Date of Stay: 7/1/10-7/5/10
By: Anonymous

Cliff Lodge
“A Bed & Breakfast”
9 Cliff Road
Nantucket, MA. 02554

Rated: 5.0
I have visited Nantucket a number of times for business and vacations.
This little hotel was my favorite out of everything!
Date of Stay: 5/8/10-5/11/10
By: Anonymous

Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast
“A Bed & Breakfast”
140 North 39th Street
Omaha, NE. 68131

Rated: 5.0
Could not have found a better a better place to stay in omaha!
Date of Stay: 6/3/10-6/5/10
By: Anonymous

Adam’s Inn
“A Bed & Breakfast”
1746 Lanier Place NW
Washington, DC. 20009

Rated: 5.0
Washington D.C. has never accommodated a hotel like this! Its the best deal for a hotel so nice around!
Date of Stay: 7/1/10-7/5/10
By: Anonymous
The Key West Harbor Inn
“A Bed & Breakfast”
219 Elizabeth Street
Key West, FL. 33040
Rated: 5.0
My family has never had a better stay in the Keys! I will definitely suggest this place to friends!
Date of Stay: 6/3/10-6/5/10
By: Anonymous

High Pointe Inn
“A Bed & Breakfast”
70 High Street
Barnstable, MA. 02668

Rated: 5.0
A beautiful to place to stay for awhile in Cape Cod either for business or vacation with a great price!
Date of Stay: 5/8/10-5/11/10
By: Anonymous

Candlelight Inn
“A Bed & Breakfast”
1045 Easum Drive
Napa, CA. 94558

Rated: 5.0
The Candlelight Inn was my families most favorites place to stay when visiting California and we will recommend it to many friends!
Date of Stay: 7/1/10-7/5/10
By: Anonymous

Beauregard House Bed & Breakfast Inn
“A Bed & Breakfast”
215 Beauregard Street
San Antonio, TX. 78204

Rated: 5.0
I travel on business trips all the time in the cities of Texas and will be coming back to this great hotel in San Antonio!
Date of Stay: 6/3/10-6/5/10
By: Anonymous On Location – Key West

June 15th, 2010 by Mariah

The Southernmost Hotel, Key West

I had the pleasure of staying at The Southernmost Hotel June 7-9, as part of a Sex and the City 2 inspired Girlfriend Getaway. This was my third trip to Key West, and as usual I was not disappointed. We took the ferry out of Ft. Myers, which was wonderful as always. The ferry dock is on the North end of Duval, so being that the hotel was on the opposite end we took a taxi to avoid a mile long walk in 95 degree heat. The southern end of Duval is much quieter and upscale, if there is such a thing in Key West.

Upon arriving we were promptly greeted by a very nice gentleman named Edgar who helped us with our bags (and would continue to help us throughout our stay). My first impression of the hotel was a good one: clean, friendly staff, and beautiful grounds. We arrived early due to the ferry and our room was not yet available, however they did offer to secure our luggage while we went for lunch.

After lunch we were escorted by Edgar to our room, which honestly exceeded my expectations. The room was very large with two double beds, a flat screen TV, and a gigantic bathroom with walk in shower. In my experience even hotel rooms that claim they fit four adults, usually do so uncomfortably. That was definitely not the case at The Southernmost. The four of us fit comfortably… with room to spare.

There were two pool areas in the immediate vicinity, with a beach and another pool available for use right across the street at the sister property “Southernmost On The Beach”, which is available for all guests at the Southernmost Hotel to use. There was also a darling Bar and Grill right on the beach – and the food was excellent.

Two new places we found on this trip to Key West that I want to highlight are Dante’s and The Afterdeck at Louie’s Backyard. First off Dante’s… you could not get much better value for your money in Key West. Dante’s is an outside Restaurant and Bar that sits on the edge of a giant pool and waterfall. The pool is for guests of the Marina and Restaurant, with a $50 minimum at the tables near the pool. I cannot stress enough how much fun we had here. And yes, you can eat…and drink in the pool. We actually ended up spending two of our three days here as it was a great way to stay cool and still have a great time. Prices were cheaper then average for Key West, the salads range from $6.99 – $10.99, and were among the biggest I have ever seen. A special thanks to our waiters John and Paul, who could not have been any more accommodating. Their stories kept us entertained for hours, and their bar tending skills kept our glasses full. You guys rock!

The Afterdeck at Louie’s Backyard was one of the most romantic, enchanting places I have ever seen. Not just in Key West, but anywhere. Louie’s Backyard is a beautiful historic home that has been turned into an extremely upscale restaurant. Ask any of the locals about it and they all tell you the same thing…it’s over priced and overrated. The Bar out back however, now that’s another story. The Afterdeck is, as the name gives away, a deck on the back of the house. Oceanfront would be a huge understatement as this bar is actually Oceantop. That’s right, it sits right on top of the ocean. Add the beautiful water views with the fact that there are no real lights, just tabletop candles and clear rope lighting… and you have my new favorite place in Key West. It will truly take your breath away.

I always look forward to our next trip to Key West. If you have any gems or hideaways in Key West that you have found in your travels, please email me at so we can make sure to try them out on our next trip down south.

Denee MacDonald On Location

The Southernmost Hotel

Key West, Fl

June 7-9, 2010

Nominated-The Inn of the Month

February 16th, 2009 by Mariah

The Stonewall Jackson Inn has been nominated as the Inn of the Month by Mariah Morris CEO of Bed and Breakfast Guide. Please read below some history of the Inn, its Owner and other people’s opinion as too why this Inn should be noticed and appreciated….The Stonewall Jackson Inn, as a (circa 1870) Queen Ann mansion, sits on “Nob Hill” overlooking the Historic District of downtown Harrisonburg. Historically called Rocktown, the city played a central role in the Civil War as it was the supply stand distribution depot for General Lee’s major campaigns. General Stonewall Jackson was on the faculty of the famous Virginia Military Institute, knew the Valley well, and was General Lee’s first choice to be the “Valley’s Defender”. There were 11 assaults on the City, but it was never taken until he was killed. His Headquarters for his brilliant 1863 summer campaign was just outside the city at Elkton. Review’s for The Stonewall Jackson Inn

Rated 5.0: Staying at the Stonewall Jackson Inn is like being at home and being treated like royalty. Wayne Engel, owner, welcomes each guest and goes out of his way to personalize their B & B experience with warmth, humor, good service, and delicious food. Rooms are clean, comfortable, spacious with individual bathrooms, and the sheets are heavenly. We highly recommend the Stonewall Jackson in Harrisonburg, VA. Goodmans Roanoke, VA
Date: 2/14/09
Rated 5.0: We’ve stayed at many of Va.’s B&B’s and this was one of our favorites. Just came to the area for snow tubing at nearby Massanutten. We also visited the historic area, which consisted of shops and great restaurants. The Stonewall Jackson was extremely clean(which is a must for me) and the breakfasts were delicious and filling enough to hold us through lunch. We’d highly recommend this to anyone!
Date: 1-30-31-09
By: Anonymous
Rated 5.0: Enjoyed a two night stay celebrating our anniversary and New Year’s Eve. Breakfast was great both days. Looking forward to returning when the weather is warmer and the grounds are green and flowering.
Date: dec 2008
Rated 5.0: Our recent stay at the Stonewall Jackson Inn located in Harrisonburg, Virginia could not have been better. The Inn was immaculate and our hosts were gracious, helpful, accommodating and in every way eager to please. The breakfast was, indeed, one to remember, but that can be truthfully said of all aspects of our time at the Inn. We highly recommend the Stonewall Jackson Inn and plan to stay there on future overnight visits to Harrisonburg.
Date: November 2008
By: Anonymous
Rated 5.0: Our first B&B experience. We were very happy with all aspects of our stay. Good foood, good surroundings and a great staff. Will return soon.
Date: 18 October 2008
Rated 4.5: Absolutely delightful in every way! My college roommate and I were in Harrisonburg for a college reunion and wanted to stay in a charming location. The Stonewall Jackson Inn exceeded our expectations and Innkeepers Wayne and Debbie could not be more welcoming. Wayne is a fabulous cook and we loved the breakfasts both mornings. The Belle Boyd room was perfect for us with beautiful antique furniture and two marvelously comfortable beds. It was convenient to both James Madison University and the nearby shops and restaurants of downtown Harrisonburg. I would go back in a minute!
Date: Sept 19-21, 2008

Meet your host and innkeeper! The Owner/Innkeeper, Dr. Wayne Engel, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology from James Madison University, and is well known in the Valley and community for his story-telling, hospitality, & generosity. Wayne contributes to the arts, historic museums, and the preservation of battlefields and civil historic civil war sites….Mariah Morris and CEO of Bed and Breakfast Guide… is very proud to present this property and its owners on her site. Excellent work and dedication, Thank you! So if you are looking for the perfect Bed and Breakfast or Country Inn or just traveling through Virginia be sure to stop and enjoy a wonderful experience!

Amore by the Sea V-day

January 21st, 2009 by Mariah

Victoria’s BEST oceanfront B&B is offering Great Rates…Amore by the Sea is a luxury, romantic, oceanfront getaway known for its high quality and fantastic location, the very finest of Victoria Bed and Breakfasts! You’ll love our spectacular ocean views where you can often see,whales, seals and otters…Relax in elegant rooms with jetted tubs and fireplaces, sound-proof suites and enjoy the privacy and quiet ambience ofAmoré by the Sea.Voted “Most Romantic Hideaway 2006″, Amoré is located on a pristine stretch of sand and pebble beach, an easy 20 minutes from the heart of downtown Victoria. With miles of seascape to gaze at and the fresh salt air to breathe, you’ll fall in love with Amoré – our guests agree – So when visiting Victoria BC – it is the best location in the city and only an island away from the Olympic Winter Games!Come see why ‘Everyone LOVES Amore by the Sea!’

Ski Utah Vacation

January 21st, 2009 by Mariah

We Love to Ski and Stay at Unique Bed & Breakfasts! We found a great B&B Inn, the Willow Glen Inn located Cedar City Utah conveniently located near Brian Head Ski Area, a great place to ski!The Willow Glen offers wide open spaces, quiet, clean, very reasonable accommodations, and best of all, Violet, the owner is just delightfully, warm and friendly! There is just so much to see and do, throughout the year in Southern Utah and the Willow Glen Inn is so wonderfully and centrally located, it is just a great place to stay and explore all that this part of America has to offer! From skiing, to hiking, to National Park visits with breathtaking views of Zion, Bryce, Cedar Breaks and Capitol Reef, there is just too much to do here! And, there is the world famous Shakespeare Festival to add culture to your stay!We’re from the Pasadena area of Southern California and yes, we ski Mammoth and Tahoe, but for a change of scene, for amazing value for the dollar, for Las Vegas on the way in, Brian Head and Willow Glen have the big ski areas beat! Two day’s skiing for two, plus three nights accommodations were equal to two day lift tickets for two at Mammoth. It’s like we stayed for free!What’s best of all . . . the Willow Glen Inn and Violet took very good care of us, yet left us, as seasoned travelers, to enjoy the beauty and serenity of her ranch property!Thank you Violet! And thank you Willow Glen Inn in Cedar City Utah ! Sincerely,Ken & Tammy… This review has been posted on Bed and Breakfast Guide…. CEO Mariah Morris

Honeymoon at a Bed and Breakfast

November 18th, 2008 by Mariah

I took my boyfriend to Glenwood and stayed at the Bed and Breakfast on Mitchell Creek for his birthday. Unfortunatly we only stayed one night but we would have loved to stay longer. The b&b was beautiful, the room was very cozy and the king size bed was so comfortable. The innkeepers were very nice and attentive. I was able to arranged for a 6 pack to be waiting in the little refrigerator in our room when we got there. We had to leave early in the morning, before the scheduled breakfast and the innkeeper insisted on bring us food before we left. I requested fruit and yogurt, and she brought all that plus delicious breakfast burritos for us to heat up. It was a fantastic stay, I only wish we had stayed longer. My mom is getting married and I suggested the bed and breakfast for their honeymoon. This review was left on Bed and Breakfast Guide

Visit this New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast

November 18th, 2008 by Mariah

1793 Historic Temperance Tavern Inn located in New Hampshire has been reviewed by a viewer on Bed and Breakfast Guide. A beautiful and historic place to stay. The walls are covered with original 18th century stinciling that has been preserved in almost perfect condition. The innkeepers were very hospitable and the food was great. I plan to visit again when I am in New Hampshire…. To read more reviews left for Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns all over the world please visit your Online Travel Guide Inc

Inn Reviews Posted

September 24th, 2008 by Mariah

Stonewall Jackson Inn…Absolutely delightful in every way! My college roommate and I were in Harrisonburg for a college reunion and wanted to stay in a charming location. The Stonewall Jackson Inn exceeded our expectations and Innkeepers Wayne and Debbie could not be more welcoming. Wayne is a fabulous cook and we loved the breakfasts both mornings. The Belle Boyd room was perfect for us with beautiful antique furniture and two marvelously comfortable beds. It was convenient to both James Madison University and the nearby shops and restaurants of downtown Harrisonburg. I would go back in a minute! Bwana Bob’s Hawaiian Vacation Cottages for Couples…We stayed in the Hawaian cottage and absolutly loved it. Susan and Steeve were great hosts, attentive to details and respectful of your privacy. The pictures on the web site are not showing the true beauty and serenity of the place. Our general experience has been great, highly recommended. Tahoe Summit Village…Great place to stay if you don’t mind climbing stairs. We loved the 2 bed, 2 bath condo. One of the bathrooms had a jacuzzi tub and the kitchen was equipped with a slow cooker and utensils needed to make a cozy dinner. The rooms all came equipped with a television set. The only drawback was the stairs. Our condo was at the very top of the building and climbing 100+ stairs in the high altitude was not pretty. You can request to be placed on lower floors. Overall the condo itself was marvelous and the price was excellent. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a little bit of a workout. Black Bear Inn…We stayed at the Black Bear Inn in last weekend and I can say, without a doubt, this was one of the most wonderful experiences we’ve had while travelling. Jerry and Kevin, the innkeepers, have created a beautiful oasis in South Lake Tahoe that, in my opinion, rivals some of the best hotels in this country. The Inn and rooms are furnished with beautiful antiques and everything was spotless. We stayed in the Fallen Leaf room which has a small balcony overlooking the beautifully manicured grounds. The bathroom was large & well equipped. The room had a large television and a DVD player – you can choose from what appears to be over 100 DVD’s from their library to watch during your stay.The evening wine & appetizer hour allowed us to meet the other guests each evening – we looked forward to returning to the Inn each evening simply for the company! It was like coming home to see family (ok, better than family) after a day of sight seeing. The breakfasts each morning are incredibly delicious – served on china with beautiful table linens. I highly recommend buying their cookbook as you will want to recreate these meals at home – they were THAT good.The attention to detail at this Inn is top notch. Every detail has been thought of you and you are made to feel like you are a very special guest. You really do need to experience it first Gabriel’s at the Ashbrooke Inn…As a celebration of my husband and my 60th birthdays, we wanted to take the whole family, including kids, grandkids and dogs to Provincetown, Cape Cod. By chance, we found Gabriel’s online and we stayed there recently for 4 days. It exceeded all our already high expectations. The Inn was so lovely and comfortable and had warmth and charm and every amenity you could possibly imagine. The rooms were beautifully appointed, spacious and had free internet service, flat screen tv’s, multiple head showers, refrigerators, dog bowls, and so much more. The main gathering room was cozy and my daughter commented, as we were watching a late night football game together there, that she felt like she was in one of our own living rooms. The delicious breakfasts were plentiful with a lot of variety. And there were always fresh baked yummy cookies and iced tea and coffee out for anytime snacks. When we went to the beach, we were provided with beach towels, beach chairs and umbrellas. The grandkids were provided with cribs that made it so much easier for my daughter not to have to bring those with her. There was also an extensive library of children’s books and enough dvd’s to satisfy anyone’s taste, not to mention lots of games. The Innkeepers are such lovely women who were available and helpful for all of our needs. They truly made our stay there so memorable and very special. I will never forget our time there and would highly recommend Gabriel’s! Silvia’s Bed and Breakfast…Lovely place and most helpful host.Buckhorn Inn…As a seasoned, international traveler, I can say without reservation, that the Buckhorn Inn provides the ultimate in hospitality. Pristine accommodation in heavenly surroundings, exquisite and spacious grounds, attentive yet unobtrusive staff, and food worthy of any 5 star restaurant. My husband and I have found our retreat. We come here to rejuvenate, knowing that our every need has been anticipated. From the porch with the breathtaking view of the mountain where we sip our pre dinner drinks, to the labyrinth one discovers on the wooded trail, all is ours while we are here. For those who need to venture out, the Buckhorn Inn is close to many natural places of interest. However, if you want everything you could need in one place, The Buckhorn Inn is that place. It is a place of serenity and relaxation that leaves you wanting to return. Which is what we do, often! Julie Hagerty Cashtown Inn…First off…excelent! I felt as if I was back in 1863. You need to go to the Cashtown Inn, you won’t be disappointed. This is what happened to me and my daughter. 5p.m. After our day at Gettysburg, I was standing at the sink getting ready to brush my teeth. We were in the Anderson Suite. as I looked into the mirror I noticed there was blood on my teeth and mouth. I put my hand to my mouth but there was no blood! I looked again and there was blood! I panicked and my daughter came to the bathroom. She looked at me and became alarmed and I told her what was happening. She saw nothing and became concerned because I turned pitch white and could not stop trembling. I again looked into the mirror and for just a split second I saw a face in the mirror and then it was gone. We took dozens of photo’s, I was wearing my Union Civil War uniform with all accourtments. In one photo, I was sitting in a plush chair in the parlor. In this photo you can clearly see a spirit or whatever coming through me. It’s hand is over mine…here’s the thing, it’s hand appears to have been mauled or chopped and you can see boney fingers with bloodied raw flesh. You can also see it’s eye right under mine and a brown bushy mustach. In another photo, I posed next to the pure white gargoyle. In the photo, the gargoyle is looking up at me, it’s eyes, mouth and nose were deep black and there was a deep black slash across it’s forehead. You can also see what appears to be a demonic face next to the gargoyle. I have the photos. I used a digital camera. My daughter took a picture of the same gargoyle with an instamatic camera and the gargoyle was pure white. In another photo in the parlor, you can see a floating apparition over a chair. 10:30 p.m. I was sitting alone on the porch and let me tell you, it was pitch black, you could not see anything. There were footsteps walking all over the porch. I don’t need to tell you, I was terrified! My daughter had a sleepless night. She stated she could not sleep due to the fact that her ankles were continually being grabbed and that the covers were being thrown off of her. And finally, in the morning, I was holding the door that lead to the dinning hall, My wife told me to close the door. As I was proceeding to tell her to be quiet, the door with force slammed shut right out of my hand! Guess we know who’s side the spirit was on! The atmosphere in the old dinning room was as if you stepped back into time and the employees were very friendly. The owners were very polite and friendly and talked with you. When Mr. Palidino saw me sitting in the chair with my uniform on he gave me a double take and started laughing and shook his head. Very nice people. If your into the Civil War as I am, go to the Cashtown Inn, you won’t be disappointed. God willing, we’re going again!

How Do You Read User Reviews

September 17th, 2008 by Mariah

Here is an article written in the Washington Post about websites designed just for posting Reviews. I thought it to be very interesting and mentioned a few good points to consider when thinking about leaving a comment. Sincerely, Mariah Morris Bed and Breakfast Guide. “If you’re going someplace where you don’t live and know few people, you’ll have to rely on the opinion of strangers. Simple enough — but which strangers?

This is something I’ve been mulling over since getting back from last week’s vacation. More so than on any earlier trip, I relied on the Web instead of guidebooks for advice on where to stay and eat. And not just when planning our trek to Portland, Ore., and its beach/mountain surroundings, but during it. Between my own smartphone and the review iPhone (not due back to Apple’s PR department for another week), I could look up advice on the go — subject, of course, to the limits of Sprint and AT&T’s networks.

But as anybody who’s lost too many hours to reading over conflicting hotel reviews on TripAdvisor can attest, more information can get in the way of making a decision. Everybody seems to like that cute little bed-and-breakfast in the countryside, but what about the minority of negative reviews that raise specific complaints?”

Any feedback in regards to this would be very much appreciated. Bed and Breakfast Guide

Tripadvisor Reviews for Bed and Breakfasts

April 27th, 2008 by Mariah Bed and Breakfast Guide is pleased to see many of our Members getting reviewed on our site as well as on Tripadvisor. Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns have become a huge part of Travel and we have seen so much positive feedback from everyone. If anyone has any questions about how to leave a review for any of our properties listed on the on please let us know. We greatly, appreciate your opinions. Most Sincerely, Mariah Morris CEO

Paradise Gateway Bed Breakfast Review

April 27th, 2008 by Mariah

A review from Mike & Stephanie who stayed at the Paradise Gateway Bed & Breakfast and Guest Log Cabins in Emigrant, Montana, Please read below for their wonderful experience.

We have stayed with Carol and Pete several times over the years. Paradise Gateway is, without a doubt, our favorite vacation destination. The Reed’s treat you like family and are very concerned that you enjoy your stay. Steph and I stay in frequent contact with Carol and Pete and consider them dear friends. Their property is beautiful and the view of Emigrant Peak is a wonderful thing to wake up to. The Reed’s know their area inside and out and can direct the unfamiliar visitor to the best “off track” areas. Ask them to take you to the Tom Miner Basin. If you can keep Carol from diving out of the truck after flowers; you will see an area that I find more interesting than Yellowstone. The Reeds Rock! Mike & Stephanie Wright Leeds, AL

To read more reviews or to post your travel experiences, visit Bed and Breakfast Guide.

Michigan Lake to Lake B&B Association

February 12th, 2008 by Mariah Bed and Breakfast Guide would like to thank Linda Singer for all her dedication in maintaining and updating the Michigan Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast Association. We are also very pleased that she has given us the oppertunity to present our Guide to the Association in the last newsletter she sent out.


CEO Mariah Morris

The Baird House has been reviewed

January 17th, 2008 by Mariah

I have stayed at B & B’’s from North Carolina to California and the Baird House is first rate. You will never find more congenial inn keepers. The food is always delicious and you won’t want to leave without buying the cookbook! Bed and Breakfast Guide wants to say…Great Work…

To see this review posted on their listing with is simply go here The Baird House

North and South Carolina B & B and Inns

January 12th, 2008 by Mariah

North and South Carolina Bed and Breakfast Association are partnering again to bring Innkeepers from the Southeast together for another great opportunity to renew their energies, learn about the latest in travel trends, see and meet vendors offering the latest products on the market, and have lots of fun with your innkeeping friends! Get it on your calendar now!

Web Address for up-to-date information: you can also contact Bed and Breakfast Guide for more informaion at

January 28-30, 2008