Butterfly House

Butterfly House was founded in 1905 by pioneering organic gardener Harrison Hall. The family continues the tradition with butterfly and hummingbird gardens, pioneering orchards, and test plantings.

This home is entirely furnished with family heirloom furniture, fine china, rare books, and other antiques. Photos and descriptions describe these pioneering ancestors, and each couple is a tale of lifelong love.

This is the Butterfly Capital of the USA, a bird watchers paradise, home of the world’s only Butterfly Rodeo and Roundup, site of the Ivorybill Woodpecker Posse, filled with an astonishing array of wildflowers, and features fantastic fall foliage. Brooks and creeks abound.

Butterfly House specializes in honeymoon couples and over-stressed executives. If you want to get away for love, for wildlife, or to become laid-back, this is the place.

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