Preferred Manor

Entered in 1974 on the National Register of Historic Places, The Preferred Manor offers an unexpected opportunity to enjoy overnight relaxation and comfort in elegant surroundings.

The Manor’s history, notable highlights of the home’s decor, the evolution of its construction and a descriptive view of the New Berlin area are included for the pleasure of our guests and interested visitors. Walk into The Preferred Manor and return to the way of life and the refinement of an outstanding home of an earlier American era. Built in 1831, this spacious stone house preserved over a century of history and local heritage.

On the first floor, the open hall is flanked by a formal drawing room on the right and a less formally decorated sitting room on the left. Both rooms are open to guests at all times for reading, writing a note home, enjoying a friendly discussion or simply relaxing. A lounge on the first floor with a television is also available for the enjoyment of guests.

A gracefully curving balustrade leads to the spacious upper floor hall. There are five guest rooms carefully furnished with an eye toward creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for overnight guests.

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